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Coffin Sprays

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Saying goodbye to a loved one, family or friends is always difficult. A farewell greeting, by giving a lovely funeral floral tribute, can ease the pain of the loss. A beautifully arranged floral tribute can be a good message if you don't have the words.

A number of factors are important when choosing the right floral arrangement. The floral design can symbolise the personality of the deceased, but can also say something about life itself. Funeral flowers are signs of compassion and love.

In this catalog you will find examples of flower arrangements that can inspire you to make the right choice. Varying from funeral wreaths, coffin sprays , Biedermeiers to urn decorations. The choices today are endless, there are a lot of possibilities. Materials and shape strongly depend on available materials and personal preference.

If you cannot find the flower arrangement in this catalog, you can always contact Natys and we can put together the arrangement of your choice.

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